Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pink Christmas Snowflake Nails

 Hi there,

This is a snowflake nail I created by sponging a dark pink, white, and China Glaze Frosty over the nail, then stamping a metallic pink snowflake over the white parts and a white snowflake over the pink parts. I used the HB plate HB23 for the tiny snowflakes, it looks like this:

 You can find these plates at bf-beauty.com. I really like the plates and they stamp pretty well, but be warned that the images are not Konad/BM size, they are significantly smaller. Compared to the BM14 snowflake, they are about a quarter of the size. However I really like this size as my nails are short and small.

I added beads to the left hand but the paint started to melt in the nail polish and bled into the rest of the nail polish! It kind of ruined it so I left them off the right hand but if you had better quality nail beads it looks nice.

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