Monday, 20 June 2011

Hot Lips with BM02!

Remembering some old favorites can give you a creative kick sometimes and this is the look that I've been doing for years. It is the look from julieg713 on youtube, and she does it and I used to do it with nail art brushes. But I am terrible at that, they turned out weird on my left hand and pretty much red scribbles on my right hand hah! So when I got the bundle monster plate with the lips it was perfect! They are perfectly formed on both hands.

Now this is a perfect time to break out your mannequin hands polishes! They should be skin toned, not too too pink. I used a Rimmel 60 seconds polish that I got years and years ago called princess pink.

This is such an amazing look, I love it. The ones without flash are much more color accurate. As always, more after the jump.

Loves it!


  1. I'm really torn between getting the old and new BM plates (I'll get them both eventually but can only afford one right now!) but now I'm definitely leaning towards the first ones! Love this stamp!

  2. I almost like the first set better than the second set. The second has better full nail stamps but I find there's a lot more useful stamps on the first set. Thanks for reading!


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