Sunday, 12 June 2011

Red Roses with China Glaze Ruby Pumps and BM09

Hi all! For some reason blogger/my browser is not letting me post comments from my google account so I can't respond to you right now. This is some nail art inspired by the popular blog Rachel Marie's Nails. She did this with some CND polishes here. I loved the look but didn't have the polishes so I tried to replicate it with Ruby Pumps. Ruby Pumps didn't capture well on the camera but it looked really nice in person. It's a great color combo on my skin tone. More after jump!

I think the last picture is more color accurate. Nice simple combination.

Up next: a french tip series! I know a few of you in the nail community that are not a fan of french tips but they really suit my nail shape and I like them. So I'm trying to come up with some interesting tips that might make you think twice about them. Yay!


  1. french tip series sounds good! maybe you can convince me to like them. haha!
    (but my nails are stained SO BADLY that i can't wear proper ones anyway!)

  2. I can finally post again! I think the series might turn into a once a week series instead of every post, cause I have to think about some of them hahah they're a little strange.


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