Sunday, 19 June 2011

Subtle accent nail! China Glaze Sugar High and BM14

Hellooooo out there!

Do you ever get into a rut where manicure after manicure you just don't get anything that you really like? I've been in this rut for weeks. I've got like 10 manicures I have pictures of that I couldn't bring myself to post because I just don't feel wow about them. So I'm sorry it's been a while but I don't want to just post any old look on this blog for the sake of posting, I want to only post quality that I'm really proud of.

So on to a manicure that I did months ago. It's a great thing to do if you really like a nail color and don't want to cover it up with stamps, but you do want to add a little bling bling to it.

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It's the BM14 plate stamped in black on the ring fingers, and different sized rhinestones according to the print. I personally used a huge pearl on the biggest dot, and different colored crystals on ery other dot. (image of plate from here)

I absolutely loved it, it was super cute. Try it with different colors and combos!


  1. that is suuuuuper cute!! i think i'll have to try it!
    also i see i got you some followers ;)

  2. I love your blog! I just discovered it recently, I think because of Rebecca above me. That's an awesome accent nail :)

  3. That pink polish is beautiful! And I also like the nail art you did on the ring finger :)

  4. thanks so much guys! How did you guys find me through Rebecca?

  5. i posted a link to you in one of my recent posts. the one with the "what's in your purse" tag.

  6. Oh really? I read that and I didn't even see it there hahah thanks! we should hang out soon before I go too.


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