Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What's the jump?

My sister just asked me a question that I didn't even think of. If you guys don't know what the "jump" means when I say "more after the jump", it means click on the little button under the picture that says "Read More>>".

Where does it come from? There is a button you can click when you're writing a blog that is called a jump break, and it's like a page break in a word document. Wherever you put it, everything above it is on your main page and everything below it is only available if you click that link which takes you to its own page. Spread the word to those that don't know!

But on the topic of jumps, do you guys like them? I like them because you can quickly scroll down the blog and see a glimpse of everything, but when I go on other blogs I like it better when they have all the pictures out so I don't have to keep clicking and going back. Tell me how you feel about jumps!

Now let's practice. Yes it's necessary.
This is the jump

Yay! You learned!


I'm so proud of ya. More nails soon!


  1. lol! That was a cute post :D I am like you, it is often that I don't follow "the jump". Thankfully though, I usually read blogs thru a reader so I get everything that I'm seeing, and don't deal with the jump :)

    if I'm on a new blog and they have shortened entries then I will skim a few to see what I'm interested in, and look at those and decide if I'm going to follow. But generally, I like it when it's all out because then I can look at pretty pictures all the time :)

  2. Agreed! I'll have to think about whether to leave them in or not.

  3. Personally, I like the jump =)


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