Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bamboo Nails with OPI Steady As She Rose and Konad m66

I'm back!

I'm really sorry for being so out of the loop - the last week I was so busy that I didn't have nail polish on my nails for a week! Unheard of. Which explains the crappy state of my nails since when I'm not wearing nail polish they crack off and splinter very easily. I also cut them off because when you're typing on the computer a lot and writing a lot and typing on the calculator a lot long nails get so annoying, so they're a lot shorter now.

Anyhow, I finally took some time for myself to do my nails and experiment and I have a few great ideas that I'll be trying to post soon. This is my mani now, and it is a nice subtle nail. It's hard in engineering since your profs see your nails a lot (pointing out questions in the textbooks etc) and sometimes it's hard to be taken seriously if you have like neon zebra print nails on or some ridiculous flashy stamping hahah! So I've been doing really subtle looks, sometimes just plain polish, sometimes silver shatter, sometimes nothing at all. But this look is actually pretty and subtle enough that I'd be fine to wear it at school, there's nothing too crazy in it.

It is OPI Steady As She Rose, stamped first with the flower from Konad m57 in white, and stamped over that with OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous with the bamboo stalks from Konad m66. More after jump.


  1. oooh very cute!
    how is life back home?? i hope your school work isn't TOO intense! haha

    i know you were looking for the Milani holos - you can get them on and they're only 3.75 each!
    shipping to canada isn't too bad either - i paid 7 something to have 11 kleancolors shipped to me! (check out the kleancolors while you're there...there is a good reason for me buying 11! haha! they've got some awesome glitters)

    oh and there is a 5% discount code, "LETSTALK"
    happy shopping :P

  2. And that's a gorgeous mani. What type of engineering are you studying? I'm studying mechanical but as I don't live near a university (I live in regional Australia) I have to do it all via distance Ed. This means my professors never get to see my nails


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