Saturday, 30 July 2011

Flower Print with Konad m71

This is a subtle nail with a really pretty, old, discontinued polish from Maybelline. It's called Express Finish Opti-Mist-Ic. It looks like a warm medium gray, but on the nail there are many different colors in it, it's hard to explain. I stamped over it with the flower print from konad m71 with OPI's Teas-y Does It. Teas-y Does It is a great stamping polish! More after the jump.



  1. Awesome site! I've only looked at your recent postings, so maybe you already have this info up... do you have a list of favorite polishes or things to look for? I'm frustrated with buying new ones that end up not showing even on a white base coat.

  2. Hello and thanks for reading!

    I'm assuming you mean stamping polishes to look for? Honestly, how I find mine is just through trial and error in my own nail polish stash. Nail polishes that cover in one or two coats are usually the ones to look at first, they are often the best for stamping. Other than that try your holographics and your chromes and metallics if you have any, they almost always are a great stamping polish. Some ones that you think would never work work great though, I'd recommend just getting out a sheet of white paper and go to town roughly stamping your polishes.

    I would also suggest to keep looking through my blog! I've found tons of stamping colors in my collection and good base colors to stamp them over, all listed in my posts.


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