Friday, 9 September 2011

I'm Back Baby!!

Hello all!

I'm excited to be back, can you tell!? Ahahah. I'm done my summer courses, done working, and starting my discipline in engineering. Life is good and I got some time on my hands to do my favorite thing, painting my nails and sharing it with you all!

For this post I'm actually just going to post a whole bunch of random pictures that I took here and there that I didn't love enough to make a whole post about. I wasn't going to post them initially but there's lots of things that I don't like that other people do, so maybe some of you will like some of them, and you can have a bad manicure that can still spark ideas and inspiration in some people, so I thought why not just show them anyway. So today I'm showing all my random duds, in no particular order!

This is China Glaze Flying High with OPI Silver Shatter

Now this is OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, with Sinful Colors San Francisco over the top. I find Aragon way to dark and San Fran too light, but the mix of them is absolutely beautiful.

This is a super cool combination but incredibly bright and loud hah! It is a neon orange, Essie Bright Tights, stamped with black and dotted with Essie Watermelon. I really liked it! But it was a bit too crazy for me.

This is Essence Fivepocket Grey freehand dotted with OPI Stranger Tides and China Glaze Shower Together. I wore it on one hand with the other hand painted just with Stranger Tides.

This is Teenage Dream over China Glaze Pelican Grey.

This is an OPI matte black, I forget the name, stamped with China Glaze Passion.

Hope you enjoyed the picture spam! Expect posts every few days! Much love!


  1. yay nina!! happy that you're back :)
    i love Flyin High! why don't i have it... :P

    also the dots are super cute!

  2. I love your stamping! You're really good at it and you have inspirex me to work more on it :-) I've nominated you for the Liebster can check it out here!


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