Tuesday, 24 May 2011

First of the Japanese nail designs! Konad S4 and BM20!

Ok this is the first in my set of Japanese/Oriental/Chinese inspired nail designs. I bought the Konad S4 and the Konad M66 and I couldn't find that many pictures done with them so I decided to do them myself!

I'll be doing a few of these, and if you try them please please take a picture and show me! You can link your blog in the comments if you have one or just email them to me.

And here it is! More pics after the jump.

This is a white base of China Glaze Snow. On top of that I used the Bundle Monster stamp BM20 with Bling Dynasty from the Hong Kong collection from OPI, which I'm holding above. On top of that is two stamps from the Konad S4 plate using the Konad red and black stamping polishes.

I screwed up the stamping quite a bit which is why you see the pattern look a bit funky. As I'm sure you all know the BM plates are pretty small so you have to double the stamp up and I didn't do a great job haha :|
The middle finger turned out the best though:

Bling Dynasty is a nice stamping color but I hate it on its own, it looks terrible on my skin tone. And the Konad red stamping polish is not worth buying, my red from OPI stamps the same way. Aka badly over dark colors haha.

This was my swatch of this design and this is another one I swatched. I decided not to put both of them on my nails since they're pretty similar in terms of colors but the other one is really pretty too. If you give it a try show me! Its BM21 with the same colors.

Keep tuned for the next in the series!

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