Saturday, 28 May 2011

OPI Stranger Tides Nail Skittles!

Hello there! I went shopping with Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails and her friend Emma recently, and I picked up the Stranger Tides collection from OPI and a few from the Anchors Away collection from China Glaze. I loved the colors when I saw them in person, I want the other pink from their line too :(

I had been planning this skittles mani for a while (which is why the crowns are unrelated to stranger tides hah), but I wanted to use my new Stranger Tides polishes so I just used these colors. This is my first skittles, they're kinda hard to come up with! I'm hoping I'll get better at them as time goes on. I liked the hand on the left in the first picture better than the one on the right. As always, more pics after the jump!

Left Hand:

Thumb: OPI's Sparrow Me the Drama with BM08 stamped over it. The crown is dotted with China Glaze's  Cheers To You and a silver rhinestone on top.
Index: Sparrow Me the Drama with Cheers To You dotted on top.
Middle: One coat OPI's Plank A Lot with two coats Nicole by OPI's One Less Lonely Glitter on top.
Ring: Cheers To You stamped with BM08, Planks A Lot dots and a pink rhinestone.
Pinky: Sparrow Me the Drama with Planks A Lot dotted on top.

Right Hand:

Thumb: Planks A Lot with One Less Lonely Glitter on top.
Index: Sparrow Me the Drama with BM08 and a black rhinestone.
Middle: Sparrow Me the Drama with One Less Lonely Glitter dotted on top.
Ring: Planks A Lot with Cheers To You crown from BM08 with a pink rhinestone.
Pinky: Cheers To You with Sparrow dotted on top.

Right hand was my favorite hand. Sparrow with OLLG dotted on top would make an awesome mani by itself, and the index finger of the right hand looked really nice too. If you want some up close picture of each finger you can head to my photobucket account.

This is a swatch of the stranger tides collection on one hand:
Last picture is the most color accurate. Really nice collection!


  1. awesomeeeee
    you know how i love skittles

  2. I wish I had a better camera!! Details are so hard to capture.

    I love coming up with skittles, I want to do a few more in the future.


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